Canada + Maine

Hey, everyone! I’m back and ready to share my vacation with you all. I took a little less pictures than I did in NYC, but I hope you will enjoy it.

Ottawa, skyline from far above…at least, I think it’s from Ottawa…

IMG_20150816_121148428 IMG_20150816_121152797 IMG_20150816_121241332 IMG_20150816_121257508

The church place thingy (that of course I will forget what it’s called, no offense to the Canadians):

IMG_20150816_150109241 IMG_20150816_150113773 IMG_20150816_150119071 IMG_20150816_150133310 IMG_20150816_150217020 IMG_20150816_150339791 IMG_20150816_150350642 IMG_20150816_150720341 IMG_20150816_150942103 IMG_20150816_151604254 IMG_20150816_151635691 IMG_20150816_151750230 IMG_20150816_151755742 IMG_20150816_151808590_HDR IMG_20150816_152420637_HDR IMG_20150816_152437580 IMG_20150816_152516014 IMG_20150816_152543580 IMG_20150816_152643084 IMG_20150816_152706079 IMG_20150816_152727198 IMG_20150816_152738416 IMG_20150816_152824203 IMG_20150816_152831425 IMG_20150816_153248731 IMG_20150816_153320365 IMG_20150816_153331835 IMG_20150816_153401719 IMG_20150816_153419543

oddly shaped buildings:


another church:

IMG_20150816_174849029 IMG_20150816_174858907 IMG_20150816_174904893_HDR IMG_20150816_175022558  IMG_20150816_175041452 IMG_20150816_175054568 IMG_20150816_175104518 IMG_20150816_175306119

another high-up view of…Montreal or Quebec?

IMG_20150816_175625234 IMG_20150816_175634146_HDR IMG_20150816_175658290

the place where we got the view:


I think this is Montreal:

IMG_20150816_182904979_HDR IMG_20150816_182910571_HDR IMG_20150816_182916490_HDR

The Olympic Stadium of Montreal, where they held the Olympics in 1976:


the oddly colored post boxes:


The port on the side of the river in Quebec:

IMG_20150817_181843378 IMG_20150817_181904097

The fort on the hill:


A cool mural somewhere in the maze of alleyway shops:


Yet another church:


The fountain and the Parliament Building in Quebec:

IMG_20150818_121630975 IMG_20150818_122536132_HDR

Another view:

IMG_20150818_155343912 IMG_20150818_155349869_HDR

The fort on the hill in Quebec lit up at night:


waterfalls somewhere in Canada:

IMG_20150819_105908131 IMG_20150819_105921950

IMG_20150819_110005367_HDR IMG_20150819_110021946

Now, you might find this amusing, as did I, at the time.

We hiked all the way up and down Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine to see…

IMG_20150820_110925590 IMG_20150820_113510972 IMG_20150820_113516437 IMG_20150820_113522512


It cleared up a little, later, so I could get some good pictures:

IMG_20150820_113918881 IMG_20150820_115319607IMG_20150820_130812051_HDR

The rocks on Sand Beach provided a good view as well:

IMG_20150820_152454274 IMG_20150820_152503692 IMG_20150820_152509153_HDR IMG_20150820_152753647

The boat tour was a good opportunity for pictures:


It was a LOT of seals and birds you could hardly see the rocks. It’s a little fuzzy though…

IMG_20150820_165129929 IMG_20150820_165137580 IMG_20150820_165144178 IMG_20150820_165246200 IMG_20150820_165253684

I couldn’t zoom in too much, so all I can say is that the white speck among the trees is a bald eagle:


Okay, maybe I did take a lot of pictures…

And that’s all! Well, we did see an epix light show at the parliament building in Ottawa, but I couldn’t take the pictures fast enough. 😦 Although, the vacation was awesome! December will bring Florida, so not too long to wait! 😀


Lots To Do

Have you ever been to New York City? Well, there are a LOT of things to do there. For example, I visited NYC recently and took a TON of pictures just so I could share it with you all.

You could…

IMG_20150718_183542 IMG_20150718_183550 IMG_20150718_183557 IMG_20150718_183705 IMG_20150718_183713IMG_20150718_184029IMG_20150718_184046

…get your face drawn…

IMG_20150718_180607 IMG_20150718_180708

…climb some rocks…

IMG_20150718_172614 IMG_20150718_183150 IMG_20150718_192300IMG_20150718_135721435_HDRIMG_20150718_140930198IMG_20150718_142148510_HDRIMG_20150718_142406950IMG_20150718_151720535

…check out the cool buildings…

IMG_20150718_185122 IMG_20150718_185204 IMG_20150718_185335 IMG_20150718_185343 IMG_20150718_185349

…visit the Summer Stage…


…take a look out at the bay (and that tiny point in the distance that is the Statue of Liberty)…

IMG_20150718_201412 IMG_20150718_201845 IMG_20150718_202414 IMG_20150718_202713 IMG_20150718_202937 IMG_20150718_202943

…visit Times Square…

IMG_20150718_191909 IMG_20150718_192032 IMG_20150718_192108 IMG_20150718_192112 IMG_20150718_192117 IMG_20150718_192125 IMG_20150718_192155 IMG_20150718_192549 IMG_20150718_192557 IMG_20150718_192639 IMG_20150718_192734 IMG_20150718_193930 IMG_20150718_193940 IMG_20150718_194236

…visit this park I don’t know the name of…



IMG_20150718_183236 IMG_20150718_183351 IMG_20150718_183400

…blow giant bubbles…


…find odd things in the water, like the Book of Mormon…

IMG_20150718_192245 IMG_20150718_192254

…go boating…

IMG_20150718_183805 IMG_20150718_183817

…buy magazines…


…ride in a carriage…


…watch a wedding…

…and so much more! I hope that wherever you visit, you will always have something to do! 🙂