Move It!

Get up and DANCE!!!!!



Hey, everyone! Today, I bring to you FUN NIGHT! Here, you will learn how to set up an epic, fun, not-too-messy party!

Start by planning activities, like games to play, movies to watch, things to do, and more.

You could make stations, so that each person can do what they want. For example, one station can have board/card games, another could play music, another could play a movie, one more can have video games, and yet another can have things like makeup (if you’re a girl), crafts, or maybe even sports! You could make up a game to play, if you like.


Choose something that your guests would like to eat, not leave untouched. You could try different types of juice, chips, finger sandwiches, and more! For the main meal, you could have things like pizza, or other well-liked food. For dessert, you could serve cake, ice cream, other sweets, or just good old-fashioned smores.

The main event.

You’ll want to have one big event for all of your guests to participate in. If they’re all kids, you can have a big game, like a scavenger hunt. If not, then you could have dancing or something (I honestly don’t know about that–whatever adults like to do).


Finally, you’ll want to send out invitations. You can send these by email, texts, or just regular mail.

  • Email.

You can make fancy scripts, fonts, and colors. Make sure all messages are the same.

  • Texts.

There’s not much you can do to jazz that up, but there are emojis and stickers. Again, make sure all of the messages are the same.

  • Regular mail.

There are two ways you could do this.


You can type it up and print it to send to everyone. Again, fancy scripts, fonts, and colors are the key. Images help too.


It will take a lot of time–the more guests, the longer it takes. However, you can make fancy handwriting and glitter pens your style (although it does have to be readable). However, if you make a handwritten card, it is suggested that you use pencil to lightly sketch out the writing. Then, trace it over with pen that doesn’t bleed. Finally, when it is dry (if using an ink pen), erase the pencil sketches.

Of course, you’ll want to decorate the envelope, as well!

Have fun.

This is the most important thing! Even if things go terrible and extremely wrong, always look on the bright side and enjoy it while it lasts! 😀

Be a DJ

Here’s a tip to have some great fun, again with music. Let’s say you’re reading or chatting with someone on the Internet, or even checking blogs/social media. Just pop on some headphones, play some of your favorite music (try something that has a fast-paced beat–not classical), and pretend to be a DJ at a dance party. If you have spare time, see if you can invite friends over and have a real dance party, with epic music, a cool light show (if you have one), and a lot of people having fun. You could be a DJ, rocking out and jamming just like you imagine a DJ would do. You’ll find that it’s a LOT of fun!

P.S. If you can’t choose a song, try ‘Enemy Fire’ by Bea Miller to start with.


It’s time to actually be EPIC and have fun. After a long time thinking about what this site would be about, I decided to give tips on how to have fun where you don’t think it exists.

Step 1:

Choose something that’s not fun, like a chore.

Step 2:

Get your friends or siblings if you can.

Step 3:

Put on your favorite music.

Step 4:

Dance and sing along to the music while working.

This technique has proved very helpful for me in the past. There was a time I had to sweep the floor, and it was always a drag. Then, I got the idea to put on some music. In my mind, the broom became a microphone or even a dance partner. With friends, it was even more fun, because we were all dancing, singing, and laughing together while finishing the work.

Try it, and have fun! This can even work with a fun activity, making it even more fun, like bike riding. Music inspires and speaks to your heart. Instead of limiting that to spare time, listen to it while you work (although not recommended during homework). You’ll find that everything you do will be even more fun and happy! 😀