Foldigami Friday (Week 14)

Hey, everyone! I know this might not be useful in this cold weather (unless you live down south), but it makes a great decoration!

Begin with any size paper (for larger fan, use larger paper). I used one of my scraps from a previous origami creation, therefore saving paper, but you can use any one you want.
The first step is to decorate the blank side (or both if you prefer). I did not, but it will be more beautiful with than without. Try to make it clearly visible, and if you can, color the entire paper.
Then, fold it accordion-style.


Next, fold it up again, pinch the bottom, and let the top go free like so.


Fold that end up so that it doubles up on the paper above it. You must keep it there (I stapled it).


Finally, face the decorated side towards you and fan out the top. You now have a beautiful decoration–and something to keep you cool on a hot day if you need it!

Thanks for reading, everyone! –Imaginealpha


Foldigami Friday (Week 13)

Hey, everyone! I know that I have neglected to post Foldigami Friday for a while now and I hope you will forgive me. I am here today with the fortune teller!

Start with a square piece of paper.


Fold the paper in half both ways to create this crease.


Fold all of the corners to the center.


Turn it over and fold the corners to the center.


Fold it in half and half again, then unfold.


Open to the outside and label the four squares red, yellow, blue, and green. Turn it over and number each small triangle 1-8. (Disregard the lines. I made a mistake and had to draw in the openings.)



Finally, open up the flaps and write a fortune of your choice!


Once you finish, close it up and reinforce the folds made in Step 5. Unfold once and insert your fingers in the folds like so.


Put two fingers from your other hand into the remaining two slots and puff it up to look like this.


How to play:
1. Have the player pick a color. When they do, spell out the color and flip the fortune teller open to a different set of numbers for each letter. You should see one of these when done:



2. Have them pick a number and count to the number starting from 1, flipping it just like in the last step.
3. When finished, have them pick another number (NOT the same one) and open the flap of that number.
4. Read the fortune listed to the player and watch them enjoy (or despise) it!

Thanks for reading, everyone! –Imaginealpha

Foldigami Friday (Week 12)

Hey, everyone! I’m back with something fairly easier today: the swan!

Start with a square piece of paper, folded in half like so.


Fold the edges to the middle.


Flip it over and do the same.


Now fold the bottom tip up to the top.


This is the tricky part. Fold the bottom part in half so that the fold sticks up. Do the opposite for the top. The top should now fold nicely like this.


Finally, squash the tip down to make it look like a face with a beak!


Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading, everyone! –Imaginealpha

Foldigami Friday (Week 11)

I’m SO VERY SORRY that I wasn’t able to post this for a MONTH and I hope you will forgive me. I also hope you have hung on the part 1 of the ninja star so that we can proceed!


This is the sheet that I found very helpful.
Start with a square piece of paper.


Just like last time, you fold it in half and open if again, then fold both edges to the center…


Then fold it in half…


…and half again. Unfold.


Now you want to fold the corners.


Fold the top downwards and bottom upwards so that the edges line up in the middle.


Turn it over and place part 1 on top.


Fold each edge into the flap as shown on the orange sheet above.



Turn it over and do the same with the yellow.



All done! πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading, everyone! –Imaginealpha

Foldigami Friday, Week 10

Hey, everyone! I’m back with an on-time Foldigami Friday for you to enjoy! Get ready for…

…ninja star Part 1!*

First, take a square sheet of paper.

Fold it in half horizontally and unfold to make a crease like shown below.

Fold the top and bottom edges to the middle.

Fold in half horizontally along the same fold you made in step 2.

Fold in half vertically and unfold to make a crease as shown.
Fold the top right corner down to the bottom edge and the bottom left corner up to the top edge.

Imagine there is a line from the top of the center crease and the bottom corner of the right fold. Fold along that line as shown.

Do the same with the left fold (upwards) so that it looks like this.

That is part 1! Thanks for reading. I know I am not the best at origami, much less explaining it, but at the top (the first picture) is what I used to do it. Hopefully that is a little clearer. Yes, I know it says Tuesday, September 28th, 2010. Disregard that.


*Part 2 will be next week, including how to put it together.

Foldigami Friday, Week 9: Special Edition

Hey, everyone! It’s the day before Halloween, and I’ve got something special for you! Now, keep in mind that this project requires a few MORE materials than usual:

  • A working pen
  • A working pencil
  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Paper (colored or plain–doesn’t matter, especially if you are coloring it)

Let’s start! The paper chain won’t be kept waiting!

Start by folding your paper in half.


Next, fold it into thirds. You can do more folds to make a longer chain, but the design will be smaller (unless you use a larger sheet of paper).


Draw your design IN PENCIL FIRST. You don’t want to use pen or marker and mess up, or it’ll look horrible. I know mine does even though I used a pencil because I’m the world’s worst drawer, but please bear with it until the end.


Next, cut out the design carefully using scissors. Remember, damaging the top is hurting the rest as well, so try not to cut off the lines. Also, since the paper is folded, it is harder to cut (especially if you’re using construction paper like I was).


Once you cut it out, it should look like a folded string of linked design. Try to draw a different face on each one, then outline with pen. Take note to do it all on ONE side, preferably the side you drew the first one on (the base design).


In the end the string should look something like this. I have all of the materials in the picture as well, you can see my laptop at the top and my (very old and slow) iPad 2 on the left side. Take note that if you have enough room, you can use the scraps of paper for other designs as well.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Happy Halloween to you all!

Foldigami Friday Week 8 (Late)

So very sorry, but I spent all last night looking for something Halloween-themed to give you today. Next week is a special edition, but it took a LOT of paper, a LOT of time, a HUGE list of how-to-make-origami-Halloween-decorations in my browser history, and a LOT of patience that I DID NOT HAVE. Finally, I found this link that worked out nicely for me, although I was at the end of the line (my patience) and in the end just grabbed the tape dispenser and a few scraps of paper that were folded so much that you couldn’t even tell it was paper anymore. It actually was better than I expected, though. Hopefully you will have more patience than I do.

If you also have enough patience (and paper) to make a 3D one, this seems pretty cool:

Good luck, and I hope you found this fun and useful! Great decorations for a party πŸ˜€

Foldigami Friday (Week 7)

Hey, everyone! I’m back with Week 7 of Foldigami Fridays! Of course, we promised you the cat bodyΒ 2 weeks ago, so here it is!

Note–so sorry that we did not post this last week, but I was busy preparing (cooking) for a Ganesha Festival (India).

Another note–my paper does have a few scribbles on it, but I didn’t notice until I finished. Please ignore it, and make sure you use CLEAN, blank paper for yours. πŸ˜€


First, fold the two sides in like this.


Fold it in half.


Turn it and fold the corner down like this.


Fold it over to the left and unfold it to make it look like this.


Fold it back, but this time open it so that only the top part reaches that point. flatten it to look like this.


Fold the bottom part up as much as it can.


Fold the left half over the right.


Take the head from last time and flip it over. Notice the flap?


Insert the top edge of the body into that flap. Flip it over.

IMG_20150925_215920806 IMG_20150925_215926291

Draw a face on it. πŸ˜€


Yes, I drew paws as well.


I ended up using some tape, because of my abysmal origami skills, but it should look somewhat like this when you’re done.


Until next time! πŸ˜€

Foldigami Friday (Week 6)

Hey, everyone! I’m back with Week 6 of origami creations! We have here today the cat head. Don’t worry, we’ll do the cat body next week. πŸ˜€


First, fold the top tip down and the bottom tip back.


Fold it in half horizontally.


Fold the corners down to form a diamond.


Fold it back up halfway and the tip of the ‘head’ down.


Turn it over and fold the tip of the flap down to form the ‘nose’.


We’ll have the cat body next week, including how to attach it to the head! πŸ˜€