Sunday Night Poetry (Week 37)

Here’s a little poem I wrote in my spare time. It has exactly 26 lines, and I tried to use it in a letter-game, but it didn’t work out so well….

I know it may not make too much sense, it was completely random. Enjoy your night!

When the raven’s cry

Turns the sky

An inky black

You have a knack

For finding trouble

No, finding double

Or maybe it finds you

Whatever’s true

You can’t deny

That in the sky

The ravens arrive

To revive

The crown of old

A plot will unfold

The lions roar

From one to four

The wolves will howl

Pull back the cowl

Of the guise

And he will rise

To fight the fight

The light of night

While the ravens fly

And the children cry

And the world will slowly

Wither and die


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