Foldigami Friday (Week 14)

Hey, everyone! I know this might not be useful in this cold weather (unless you live down south), but it makes a great decoration!

Begin with any size paper (for larger fan, use larger paper). I used one of my scraps from a previous origami creation, therefore saving paper, but you can use any one you want.
The first step is to decorate the blank side (or both if you prefer). I did not, but it will be more beautiful with than without. Try to make it clearly visible, and if you can, color the entire paper.
Then, fold it accordion-style.


Next, fold it up again, pinch the bottom, and let the top go free like so.


Fold that end up so that it doubles up on the paper above it. You must keep it there (I stapled it).


Finally, face the decorated side towards you and fan out the top. You now have a beautiful decoration–and something to keep you cool on a hot day if you need it!

Thanks for reading, everyone! –Imaginealpha


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